"Coçar o nariz e morrer no jogo de vídeo game, quem nunca?" "Voldemort."

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Don’t repeat yourself. It’s not only repetitive, it’s redundant, and people have heard it before.
S. Theodora Markson
Who Could That Be At This Hour? by Lemony Snicket (via bubblegumbea)
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- Está comigo?
- Até a morte.
As Crônicas de Nárnia (via livrariapessoal)
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Reblogue se você está lendo algum livro.



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OMG, você gosta de Feios! Sabe algum tumblr/site sobre a série? Eu tô louca atrás de um.

Não. Mas eu amo a série. É simplesmente Perfeita e Especial, e não é mais um Extra na minha vida. A propósito ela não é nada Feia. Me fala seu tumblr pra mim te adicionar.

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Tumblr is my TARDIS and I’m the Doctor


It’s blue

It’s bigger on the inside

Basically a whole new dimension

I control where I’m going. 

I can go to any fandom I want. 

I can meet new friends, and share the wonders I have found with them.

I took one look at Tumblr, and it stole me. 

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I can pick up the city feeds on my antenna. It said they were going to change you all. Turn you into something less dangerous. Are you still…?”
She gazed at him. “What do you think, David?”
He peered into her eyes for a long moment, then sighed and shook his head. “You just look like Tally to me.”
She looked down, her vision blurring.
What’s the matter?”
Nothing, David.” She shook her head. “You just took on five million years of evolution again.”
I what? Did I say something wrong?”
No.” She smiled. “You said something right
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Sometimes I think I’m nothing but what other people have done to me
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